Duque died today. At the age of 12 or so, he'd started to limp and fall badly and was obviously seriously ill, so his time came.
He was a Samoyed, born in Spain, but mistreated there and brought to the Netherlands by Stichting PAWS to meet a new owner.
Our son, Chris, became that owner and they've been constant companions ever since.
He became a ship's dog immediately and sailed with Chris and Jana on the Excelsior in the Waddenzee, to all the islands, and became a favourite amongst the passengers.
With Timber, he was always play fighting and running through the woods chesing him and being chased.
With Silke he tried the same, but somhow Silke always came away with a mouthful of white fur; he didn't get to her like he did with Timber.
He's going to Vlieland, one of his favourite islands. He loved to race long the beach and in the sea.
He'll be sadly missed and never forgotten.