When the woods look like the picture below, it's easy to be deceived that walking along the paths is easy. Unless the temperature is really low, the paths are just as soggy as they were before the snow, which means very soggy, and walking can end up wet.



But it looks great and Timber really enjoys the snow.


 Timber in snow


This afternoon in Lage Vuursche, the snow on the branches was so heavy that in some places, paths that are easy to walk through were impassable as the whole path was blocked by snow-laden branches.

 Timber under branches


Some branches couldn't take it and snapped off under the weight, luckily not when me or the dog were underneath.


Branches bending


Life continued as normal in the trees though as one part of the woods was filled with the sound of a woodpecker hacking away somewhere in the highest branches. I couldn't see it to take its photo.


 Timber enjoying snow