The snow had an interesting effect last weekend; the birds in the back garden suddenly increased in number.
We hang peanuts out for them, and so when everything is covered in snow, the birds queue up to use the hangers, including, as shown below, a woodpecker and a tit.


Woodpecker and Tit

Last year we also had a swift that had just returned from Africa and was so knackered it couldn't get out of the garden. We called the Animal Ambulance and they came and took him away. We called to ask how he was and they said he rested and then they brought him back to our area and let him go and he flew off without problems. See how streamlined he is. And the subtle colours.



We also had a young crow that couldn't quite fly and landed on the ground, and all its parents and friends were shouting at it and us as we tried to help it. Eventually, it found a bit more open space and made it up to a tree where its friends joined it.

And then there was the young Jay that came to visit as we were having brunch on a nice Sunday morning. It shared our chorizo for a long time. It came back later in the year to see what was happening but we weren't quick enough with the camera.

All this had nothing to do with dogs, but the snow reminded me.