Since I haven't posted for some while, this is a catchup, prompted by the sight of the beast below this last week.



This particular example was found in Baarnse Bos fairly early in the morning, rushing to get across a path before it was found by any other living creature. Timber ignored it, but I stopped to take photographs.


I came across one in Lage Vuursche last year and WhatsApped a picture to the grandchildren, who were enjoying a barbecue at the time and didn't appreciate the suggestion to bring it round and put it on the grill.



It wouldn't have fed very many people anyway, and neither would the little chap in the next picture, which I found during a walk in Lage Vuursche with my sister. It's a tiny Wren chick, stranded on a path with no-one round to help it.



We couldn't help it either so we made sure it was off the path, in the grass, and safe out of sight.