RIP Timber - 2016-05-09

Since his 13th birthday a month ago, Timber has had a hard time. On the day of his birthday he started walking into trees and it was clear he had problems seeing. It turns out that there was blood in one eye and he already had cataracts in the other. He also had an operation for a lump on his leg that required more work than was expected. He spent two weeks with a cone of shame, unable to see where he was, which was very frustrating. After that, his back legs were weak and he developed a limp on a front foot, probably by over-compensating. Yesterday he had a fit to add to the grief.

Even these last few days he's been ever ready for a head rub and fuss and for his walk, even though that walk was only a stagger.

It's sad to see him go but there was nothing we could do to help him. We'll miss him.