2015-04-14 to 2015-04-16: Friesland, the Netherlands; 520Km


  • 2015-04-14: Soest to Harlingen - 191Km

 Went to Harlingen and parked in the new car park near the Zuiderhaven and Chris and Maike came for a cup of coffee. Learned better coffee making equipment needed. Walked back to the Excelsior and discussed Internet antennas. Made a plan to stop at Kornweerdezand for the night and Chris had some stuff for a meal he was planning so we got some extra bits and walked back to the camper and from there to the campsite. Not official but well used and quiet.



Chris and Maike came and Chris cooked a meal which was delicious. First night sleeping was a learning experience but was peaceful. Up early to walk the dog; dealing with the dog was also something to be learned. He needs to get up in the night so we nee to be parked somewhere where I can get him out easily, and we need places where dog walking facilities are close by.




  • 2015-04-15: Harlingen to Giethoorn - 175Km

 Chris came along with a coffee percolator which works well in Ruby, and solved the coffee problem.


Chris and Maike

Went in the direction of Zwolle with an idea to follow the Ijssel but with limited map availability we headed for Giethoorn where there are plenty of camper places. Chose the remotest and smallest of the sites, which was just right; not busy, friendly and had all the facilities. Cooked steaks on the Cobb, having stopped at a supermarket on the outskirts of Zwolle. Couple of Palms and a bottle of wine between us made for a perfect meal. Campsite was Hoeve Montigny (CamperContact: 13291).



Timber's middle of the night excursion was a walk along a country road, but unfortunately resulted in a fall in the dark and a couple of bruised ribs, which were painful for a couple of weeks afterwards. Another lesson; take the torch.



  • 2015-04-16: Giethoorn to Home - 154Km

Went to Apeldoorn to het Leesten to take Timber for a run, and then home.



A good first trip, again we learned a lot and enjoyed our time.