2015-07-09 to 2015-07-12: Achterhoek and Overijssel - 297Km

A long weekend trip to stay in the Achterhoek, as first destination, but with no specific plans after that. We ended up going to Groenlo for the first two days, having booked there in advance, and Welsum on the Ijssel for the last two days.

2015-07-09 to 2015-07-10: Home to Groenlo 133 Km

We had booked a campsite near Groenlo called Groot Antink, which is in fact a fruit farm with all sorts of related activities such as Pick-Your-Own, and a shop selling produce from the area, and from similar sorts of businesses.

We had booked for two nights in advance because we thought it might be busy but it was very quiet, and with nice sunny weather, full of shade amongst the trees.

We ordered bread for the two days, and looked at all the delicious goodies in the shop so we could plan our breakfast. I took Timber for a walk through the fields to explore where I could take him. I found tracks in the direction of Groenlo leading to some woods, and a track which eventually followed the Slinge and provided a nice sunny walk.



We had some new Cobb implements to test out, including a Wok attachment and a frying pan. Had a pleasant evening with spelt beer, sausages and vegetables for dinner (using the Wok) with a bottle of wine, another walk with Timber, including the obligatory late walk and wondered what he would want during the night.

Nothing much, it seems. He didn't wake me up until 08:00 or so, and so after a walk through the fields, we collected our bread and enjoyed a good breakfast. We walked through the fields to Groenlo, taking Timber with us, and had coffee and appelgebak in the town square and a good wander round the town.




It was the former home of Grolsch brewery, and the factory site is being redeveloped now that Grolsch have a fancy new factory. Their new chimney can't be as skewwhiff as their old one! The Slinge was the source of their beer at one time. There are various events in Groenlo and surrounding area which keep the campsite busy during the summer.


Barbara cooked Tenderloin of pork in Serrano ham, roast potatoes on the Cobb and with salad and wine, this was an excellent meal; definitely one to use again.

We had taken one bike with us in case we needed shopping, and re-introduced Timber to the springer, the device which connects dog to bike so he can run alongside. He'd got used to it years ago, but now I have to go slow to make sure he doesn't damage himself. He still tries to pull me though.

Timber had more evening outings and slept through again so no early morning treks, although it was 07:30 or so when he had had enough and wanted to go out. As we walked the fields we saw four deer running in front of us in the field and a huge hare. Timber was, of course, on the lead and could only pull at the lead in frustration. There were other beasts in the fields; Damsel Flies were everywhere, and the ditches had duck families in them.


We enjoyed the Groot Antink campsite and made good use of their Tayberry Jam and Pear and Ginger jam. We had looked for other campsites and chose one on the Ijssel in Welsum, Overijssel. We decided to follow a route through Olst and over the ferry to get to Welsum.

2015-07-11 tp 2015-07-13: Groenlo to Welsum - 75 Km

The campsite was the Stuurmankolk close to Welsum along the dijk of the Ijssel. It has a camping field and a separate field with hard and grassed standings for campers, each with electricity and water. There's also a foul water dump and chemical dump. After a few discussions about which was the best way to face given the predictions for wind and rain we set up camp. We had also a rafter to try out as well as tie-downs for the awning. They all worked well and made the awning very stable. Must remember to put a hammer in the camper rather than search for a brick! The picture below doesn't show the tie-downs, although we did use them later when the wind got up. I found a brick. They are shown on the camper picture above, while we were in Groenlo.

Walks for Timber were not so close by, and involved crossing the camping field, which wasn't so convenient. Once there, there was plenty of open land in the flood meadows of the Ijssel and I also took him with me on the bike to the ferry crossing so we could walk along the banks of the Ijssel for a while. It was very hot in the sun on the Saturday so we had to take it easy on the bike, and move around the camper to find shade.

Cooked some salmon and cod and mushrooms on the Cobb for a nice meal.

On Sunday, after a ham and eggs breakfast,  we walked to the ferry and crossed to Olst to visit the supermarket and look at the town. Luckily the rain stayed away but came soon after and so we cooked inside the camper in the evening. The rain stayed most of the time, and the last day the camper field, which at most had three campers in it, was empty apart from us. It was so quiet that a big hare came through from the cow field next door to have a look at us. He wouldn't stay for a photograph though.

A field next to the campsite has deer in a fenced-off enclosure, and Timber was very interested as he walked past. One of the deer was also very curious and came over to have a look at him, safe in the knowledge that he couldn't cross the fence. The other deer were much more timid, including some very young fawns.

2015-07-13: Welsum to Home - 89 Km

Timber was up in the night for a walk round the empty camper field, and again early for a walk in the flood meadows. In the night we found a big hedgehog that rolled up and ignored us. Timber had a sniff but ignored it after that.

After packing everything in we set off along the Ijssel and made our way back home.