2015-07-20 – 2015-07-24: Home to Zelhem 227 Km

For a while now we've had our suspicions about the effectiveness of the fridge in Ruby. It seemed to work on 12V, when driving, but not very well. This is normal. It works well enough to keep things cool when in transit.
On gas, it worked well; in fact we turned it on to high because the 230V didn't seem too good and nearly everything in the fridge was really cold. Almost a 60 litre freezer. Lesson: don't turn the gas up too high (as The Flying Pickets once said). Anyway we thought perhaps the 230V worked but not very well but, after a very hot spell, I thought I'd measure it and we found it didn't work at all.
I rang the camper supplier (Koopman Campers) and agreed it take Ruby to Zelhem to have her checked. It turns out it was the 230V element that was broken and it was renewed, on guarantee, and everything is now set up for some hot weather again. After the worst July summer storm since 1901, we need some summer weather.

And just so that Timber isn't completely excluded from this entry, we went to Hoge Vuursche in the camper for his afternoon walk as the other car was tied up in Barbecue business.