2015-10-28: Lage Vuursche

We took Ruby out for a trip to Lage Vuursche as we haven't been able to get away in October, partly because the weather has been very wet and drizzly, which is a lot worse than the cold when there's a large wet presence taking up most of the floor. When it wasn't wet there were other commitments that stopped us going away, but we are hopeful we'll get a chance before too long.

The object of the exercise was to take Timber for a walk, to see the trees in Lage Vuursche, which are probably at their best at the moment, and to have a cup of tea and piece of cake while we were at it.

The trip also gave us a chance to try out the RubyCon Dashcam. The Raspberry Pi has now been extended to provide range extending Wifi access point, 3G Mifi access point, dashcam and motion sensor support, ftp server for file transfer of films and images and a webserver for remote control from a tablet/laptop. All this from a Raspberry Pi and bits of equipment lying around unused.

The results of the dashcam test were a bit mixed. The old Logitech webcam is probably not good enough really and the quality of the resulting films and images is not that great but there are a lot of parameters that can be tweaked so we have more experimenting to do. (Note that since RubyCon had no Internet connection the date was not synchronised so the timestamp on the image below is incorrect)