2016-05-02 Lage Vuursche - 15Km

Timber turned 13 years old at the beginning of April (See here) and immediately things took a turn for the worse. On his birthday on April 6th, we went for the usual walks to Baarnsche Bos and Hoge Vuursche and he started walking into trees. In addition, a lump on the side of his leg became bigger and he started to chew at it. We went to the vets and he said that there was blood in his left eye and a cataract in his right eye. There’s not much we could do for the eyes but we decided to have the lump removed so he went along for the operation and had far more removed than expected.

When he came home he had to have the “Cone of Shame” to stop him taking the stitches out and, being nearly blind was very frustrated as he couldn’t see what the cone was hitting.

Eventually the stitches were removed and he was more comfortable but was getting very slow and restricted in his movements. We decided to go to Lage Vuursche in the camper to see how he reacted.

This a somewhat incorngruous clump of flowers near where we parked, but the brightened the place up.

He seemed very happy there and looked more like his old self so we decided to go ahead and book a campsite that we’d visited before and see how he was when away.