2016-05-06 - 2016-05-07: Groenlo - 253 Km

We went for a weekend away with Timber to Groenlo to the fruit/jam farm (Groot Antink) where we stayed last year. We expected it to be busy as it was a holiday weekend, and it was. We took Timber for a few walks through the fields, and he was always ready and willing, but it was a struggle. The weather was nice and we were able sit outside and he enjoyed being with us. Here we are recovering from a walk through the fields.

In the middle of the first night he wanted to go out, as usual, twice, and so we went for short strolls through the fields, including a nice sunrise.

We had enjoyed a long-planned family barbeque the day before we set off, with pulled pork and home-brewed beer. The remains of the pork from the preparation for the BBQ went with us and we did it all over again with the two of us. And some for Timber of course.

The weather stayed nice and we had a restful day. walking and relaxing followed by another meal on the Cobb and a bottle of wine. Timber slept through until breakfast time, which was very unusual.

While we were having breakfast, Timber had an epileptic type fit that left him very frightened, and us very worried. We settled him down as best as we could and he seemed to relax. We packed things up fairly quickly and went home and took him to the vet’s on the Monday. We decided that we couldn’t put him through any more pain and distress and he died on Monday, May 9th 2016

He is greatly missed and the house seems empty and the days without structure. We were glad we were able to go away with him one last time.