2016-07-17 to 2016-07-19: Oude-Willem, Netherlands - 286 Km 


2016-07-17: Home to Oude-Willem, Netherlands - 130 Km 


A trip to get away for a couple of days in nice weather. We went to another Forestry Commission (Boswachter) campsite, this time in Oude-Willem, which is in the Drents-Friese Wold, on the border between Drenthe and Friesland. It is a large forest area with mixed terrain including downs as well as trees. The campsite is only small, with 24 places, not all with electricity.

We’d planned to leave on the Sunday, 17th July, but had not planned where to go so a quick internet check of likely places revealed Oude-Willem in an area we hadn’t visited for a long time, and when I tried to book a place there was one free with electricity so we confirmed, packed Ruby and off we went.

It’s only 156 Km away in a really nice area with small but lively towns like Diever and Appelscha; prosperous looking towns that were busy and clean looking.

The check-in worked perfectly and this chap and the boswachter’s wooden tables (for sale) welcomed us.

Having pre-booked, the site was allocated and was a good pitch in a small field with campers, tents and caravans all around the outside. 

We had reserved our spot on the internet and had apparently just got in before the previous incumbent had tried to extend his stay in the same pitch. He therefore decided to take over the place of the caravan next door when they left, but they stayed until 19:00 in the evening so he went away somewhere to sit it out. There was quite a bit of changing of places by people during the stay as pitches that were reserved by internet were required whilst the current camper was still there. This is the power of the internet in practice.

We checked the campsite map for the walking trails and settled down in the sun to relax.

We had a whole chicken to cook on the Cobb, so we fired up and made use of the meat thermometer so we were sure it was cooked and relaxed with some wine and beer.

The chicken was excellent, and the weather was warm, which made a pleasant change from the last few weeks. 

We could have smuggled one of these onto the Cobb, except it would never have fitted and would have taken ages to cook. These are some serious chickens.

2016-07-18: Oude-Willem, Netherlands


We weren’t disturbed by the cock crowing in the morning and after the breakfast had gone down, we went for a walk around the forest. The weather was perfect, warm and sunny, and of course being either mad dogs or Englishmen, we had to get out into the midday sun.

A selfie while we are walking

The area has a number of memorials relating to the second world war, including resistance activities and crashed allied aircraft.

In the afternoon, it became hotter still, and so relaxation was the order of the day. I went for a bike ride through the woods and then into Diever, where it was their summer market day and was very busy. I went to the Coop to stock up on goodies and then back, for a total of 15 Km. 

We cooked the rest of the chicken in the Cobb wok and then used the frying pan to cook tortillas and the total mix was a fantastic meal. The evening stayed warm and the night was very warm.

2016-07-19: Oude-Willem, Netherlands to Appelscha to Home - 156 Km 

I went for an early morning walk through the forest and around the open dune area. Very nice and a pleasant temperature at that time.

We had a leisurely breakfast and sat around in the heat until around lunchtime and then packed up and left. We went back though Appelscha to look at the town, and then, for a while, along the Opsterlandsche Compagnonsvaart, being glad I don’t travel by boat.

Back in time for a Barbecue at home.